Who are we?

Conservas Juker was born endorsed by the experience of its predecessor, Conservas Adoración, two generations united by their firm belief of quality. Modernity and Tradition combine to perfection in this young company, born in Pradejon (La Rioja) and determined to offer the flavor of always in a innovative format.

What do we do?

Learn about the five Juker families and venture down to relish the best products of the spanish gastronomy, selected and processed manually. We invite you to visit our cooked catalog, jams, sauces and vegetables. A careful selection of the best products of today and always.

How do we do it?

Our hallmark is the careful manual preparation of our preserves, cooked with the best raw materials, in the most natural way possible and giving all our dishes a flavor faithful to that of traditional home cooking. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality without losing the original essence.